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Training Layout Changes, and New Tags Feature

By larissar on April 11

We heard you. We're listening to your feedback and making changes.

We've read a lot of feedback on the new layout beta testing, you've had some great suggestions and we really appreciate it! We've continued making updates and we've incorporated your feedback into this latest round of revisions. In the past week we've completely overhauled the layout on the training page, and modified many other elements to condense the information and improve the experience across different devices and screen resolutions. But most importantly, we're not done yet! We're serious about making this game great so please keep the feedback coming!

Read the full change log for details of whats changed today.

We've also heard your frustrations dealing with large breeding programs and we're planning many changes that will help. The first of these is allowing you to add tags to your horses. In the coming weeks these tags will begin showing up in various other places in the game such as on horses for sale or for stud, within your pasture and barns, and eventually in searching and filtering areas. We know it's ...

Open Beta Testing V3 Layout

By larissar on March 29

We are very excited to announce open beta testing for the new game layout!

Horse World Online is currently running version 2 (of the game) and we're preparing to transition to version 3 (of the game) and version 2 (of the game layout code). We need your help to make sure this new layout works well in all browsers and doesn't introduce any new bugs.

How can you help?
You can help us by enabling the new layout on your account, and trying to play the game from various browsers and devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, etc). We are already aware of performance issues loading the horse images in Firefox browsers both PC and mobile. Officially Chrome and Edge are the preferred browsers.

We need feedback on the following aspects of the game:

  • Overall header/navigation (functions, looks good, easy to find what you need, nothing is broken)
  • Horse profile page (all game functions continue to work exactly as in the old layout, nothing is missing/broken/confusing)
  • Performance of page loading, and page navigating
  • Bugs or weird behaviour while playing the game
  • New changes you are happy or unhappy to see
  • Features missing that we're ...

Happy Valentines Day!

By larissar on February 13

Happy Valentine to all our Horse World friends!

Celebrate the season of love with our special valentine's day heart-shaped quarter marks for your beloved horses. Show your equine companions some extra affection as they strut their stuff adorned with these charming embellishments.

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