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Horse World Online - free online horse breeding game

About the game...

Horse World Online is an immersive web-based horse training and breeding simulation game. Your story begins on a small farm, with a few adopted horses. Selectively breed your horses to unlock new breeds. Train your horses to compete in a wide variety of competitions or specialize in just one.

Learn new skills to advance your character and build up your farm with new pastures and stables. Breed your stable of champions and saddle up for a journey where your decisions shape the destiny of your virtual equestrian adventure.

Join an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming community of horse lovers who are all realizing their virtual dream of owning a horse farm.

Join our community now and build your dream farm!
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Truly dynamic horses with nearly infinite genetic combinations.

  • Unique conformation for each horse; shape every detail through selective breeding which allows for development of beautiful horses but also weird and unusual ones.
  • Foals grow in height and change into adults as they mature.
  • Exercise improves physical fitness and builds visible muscle; feeding can make a horse heavier or lighter.
  • Watch as pregnant mares' bellies grow throughout their pregnancy.
  • Manes, forelocks, and tails grow in both length and thickness.
  • Coat colours change throughout a horses' lifetime including progressive greying, varnish roan, sooty, silver, and flaxen.

Advanced virtual horse breeding simulation.

  • Over 330 breeds available
  • Intricate breeding system
  • Detailed genetic conformation, performance trait, and coat colour inheritance system using realistic and simulated genetics.
  • The unique breeding system allows you to unlock new breeds through selective cross breeding following historic breed combinations.
  • Advanced white marking pattern generation featuring dynamic patterns uniquely created for every horse individually.
  • Save photos of your horse throughout its lifetime so you can document its growth and changes.

A wide variety of disciplines to compete in including racing, show jumping, dressage, reining and more.

  • Train your horses and compete in 22 different disciplines.
  • Earn titles as proof your horse is a Champion, Grand Champion or better.
  • Set or break world records.
  • Competitions run all day long and there are hundreds to choose from.
  • Host your own competitions.

Build and customize your horse dream farm with barns, horse pastures, and lots more.

  • Choose from a variety of different styles and sizes of barns and pastures to add to your farm.
  • Decorate your farm, barn interiors and pasture interiors with all kinds of natural elements, and more including seasonal/holiday decorations.
  • Expand the size of your farm to build up your equine estate.
  • Choose for horses to live in barns or live in pastures.
  • Produce and sell hay from your pastures.
Frequently Asked Questions
The game is completely free to play! It’s funded through advertisements and optional purchases by players like you, while keeping with unethical monitization practices.
There is no app, however the game is created to run well on all modern phones, tablets, and computers. No download is required!
All modern browsers are supported but we recommend Chrome, Edge, or Safari. Firefox can occasionally have performance issues when viewing a pasture or barn with a lot of horses.
You control the speed of time! If you want to progress through hundreds of generations of breeding in a short period of time, you absolutely can. But if you’d rather enjoy the game at a more leisurely pace and focus on one horse at a time, you absolutely can. You get to control how fast time goes by, which also means if you’re away from the game for a while your horses will be ready and waiting for you when you come back.
Absolutely! It will take you some time to build a farm that large but it’s possible to have a huge breeding empire.
A horses’ genetics determine its conformation. Some players choose to breed strange looking or weird horses just for the fun of it. If you want your horse to better resemble it’s breed then you’ll need to selectively breed your horses and improve their appearance with each generation until they reach the desirable breed traits.
News & Updates

Akhal-Tekes are Complete and West African Barbs up next!

By larissar on July 19

Akhal-Tekes are Complete and West African Barbs up next!

We are thrilled to announce that the Akhal-Tekes have been added to the adoption centre after weeks of hard work perfecting them by diligent breeders. Well done! And no everyone gets to benefit from this project.

Next up is the West African Barb, a variation of the Barb horse. The Barb horse is one of the oldest breeds, perhaps even older than the Arabian.
But don't forget we still have the Exmoor Pony breeding program in progress too.

Also if your unfamiliar with our community breeding programs then make sure to check out the sticky topic for more details on how these projects work:
Community Breeding Program Details Topic

Decorative Hedges and a Stone Wall

By larissar on July 12

New Decorative Hedges and a Stone Wall

We have created an assortment of decorative hedges, and also a stone wall, for you to use on your farms. Use them as filler around your jumps, or to add some nature around your barns. The choices are endless!

Competition Update is Live!

By larissar on July 03

Our new competition update is live!

Early this afternoon we officially switched over to the new competition update. Make sure and read our previous post with all the details on what has been changed, and in you run into any bugs please let us know so we can get them fixed up.

Tomorrow morning we'll hand out trophies to the top 3 spots in our previous rankings leaderboard.

Late Addition: We have decided to remove the one-entry limit on the following events: Endurance, Harness Racing, Racing, Saddleseat, Sprint Racing, Steeplechasing and Western Pleasure. You can now enter unlimited horses in these events. Eventually we may re-visit this decision as we had unfinished plans related to this, but it'll likely be a while before we come back to this. So, enjoy and have fun entering these competitions!

Competition Update Launch Date

By larissar on June 26
Our biggest update of the year now has a launch date! The Competition Update is coming on Wednesday July 3rd, 2024. Keep reading below to see everything that is included with this update:

Competition Ranking Reset
  • The current Top Ranking Horses and Owners lists will be renamed to “Pre-Reset” Rankings and a new list called “Current Rankings” will be created.
  • Top ranking pages will now have an option to look at only active horses or at both active and retired horses.
  • Horses’ competition results summary will be separated into Current and Pre-Reset results so you can easily tell how a horse is doing in the current rankings. This won’t apply to horses who have never competed in the pre-reset period.
Champion Titles
  • Champion titles will be awarded based on combined total points across both current and pre-reset time periods.
Minimum Competition Levels
  • Minimum competition levels will be calculated based on points-per-start earned during the current period. Meaning every horse will have their minimum competition level re-calculated from level 1.
  • Total fitness training will now be considered when calculating a horse’s minimum competition level when a horse has competed less than 10 times in a particular discipline. Horses above 640 total fitness training may only enter level 4 and higher, 480 total fitness training may only enter level 3 and higher, and 320 fitness training may only enter level 2 and higher.
  • Once a horse has 10 or more competition results in a particular discipline then minimum competition level will be calculated as per the old system based on points-per-start.
  • Local show judges will now tell you what minimum competition level is for that discipline and will tell you if it’s based on fitness training or on points-per-start.
  • Minimum competition level will show on the horses competition results summary on their page, and a link to the points-per-start summary page has been re-added (clicking on the horses level in the table will open this summary).
Maximum Competition Entries Per Turn
  • Horses can now only enter 10 competitions per turn, to prevent horses from sitting in side accounts and never aging up while continuing to gain points/wins.
  • The number of competitions a horse has entered each turn will be displayed both on their page (just above competition results summary) and also on the competition entry listing page.
New Player Mode Feature
New feature for Premium Accounts: Player mode. Premium accounts can choose between “Breeder”, “Competitor” or “Regular” player modes. You will be able to switch between the play modes as often as you like. Every time you use a turn (“Go To Sleep”) this advances your in game time by 2 weeks. With “Breeder” player mode this will change to advancing your time by 4 weeks, and with “Competitor” player mode will change to advancing your time by 1 week. Breeders will have an advantage when breeding new horses as you'll get through your years much faster but you won't be able to enter as many competitions. Whereas a Competitor will have more time to compete their horses and reach the top rankings but they will have a disadvantage when breeding new horses as it'll take far longer to progress time. Regular/non-premium accounts will always be in “Regular” mode and play will be balanced between breeding and competing.

Top Ranking Trophies
Trophies will be handed out to owners and active (not retired) horses in each of the following ranking lists:
o Top 3 Overall Stallions by Points
o Top 3 Overall Mares by Points
o Top 3 Stallions by Points for each discipline
o Top 3 Mares by Points for each discipline
o Top 3 Overall Owners by Points
o Top 3 Owners by Points for each discipline

This is your last chance to try and get to the top 3 spots in each of the categories above. Good luck!

More Pride Wearables

By larissar on June 19

New Rainbow Western saddle pads for Pride Month

By popular request we have also created these beautiful rainbow western saddle pads in support of Pride month. Now your western horses and ponies can join in the fun too!

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